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London Montessori International
Chief Executive's Birthday on 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
Special Award for the Chief Executive's on Convocation Day - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
Speakers/Master Trainers on One Day Seminar - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar Participants - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar Participants - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
LMI Staff on One Day Seminar on 20th AT PC - Karachi
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC - Karachi.
London Montessori International
15 Days Workshop - 2001 at Holiday Inn Islamabad
London Montessori International
Workshop - 2001 at PC - Karachi
London Montessori International
Days Workshop - 2002 at Avari Tower Karachi
London Montessori International
Workshop 2003 at PC - Karachi
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London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC - Karachi



-College Of Montessori Studies & Research-

One of the Largest in Asia


knows the
A R T & S C I E N C E of T R A I N I N G


i)Normally what are the expenses other than Tuition Fee?

To start with, at least 2 to 300 Rupees and there after minimum 150 Rupees per month.Advance International Course is more expensive.

ii)Why to choose LMI?

a) LMIis the pioneer in developing the present system of training – 2 hours in the school and 3 to 5 or more per day working at home completing home assignments. So if you are inter/graduate, housewives doing jobs, running school, just finished college and want to do any professional course best suit to ladies, than this is the best profession and school to choose.

b)LMI is a professional body, run and managed by professionals.

c)LMI is not “One Instructress Institute,” it has full team of more than 20 expert Montessorians, External examiners, experienced & trained administrative staff. It has 11 Branches, all of them running courses in 3 different timings. You have choice to choose any time , any branch suit you.

d)LMI has 25-years of valuable experience due to which running, managing and examining system have become good to better. Teaching staff working for a long period with LMI, contented, honest, dedicated and sympathetic with women folk and eager to spread the teachings of Dr. Montessori.

e)Till to date we have trained more than 60,000 Directresses/teachers who are working more or less in all Montessori schools/homes & abroad. We not only give training but arrange jobs as well. So if you select LMI than rest assured that you have guaranteed jobs after completion of course.

f)We offer Normal & Advance International Courses and it depends on you to select any one according to your qualification. If you are inter than Normal ( (basic) International Course is good for you & if you are graduate with English medium educational back ground than advance International course could lead you to excellent professional jobs.

g) When you are in LMI,rest assure that you are not left alone,you are taken care by more than 20-montessori Master trainers.We have developed a system that in 14-Months you are doing not only class works but also,One-Day Seminars in 5-Star Hotels,Monthly Sympossiums,Monthly Advance Conferences in 5-Star Hotels,One-Day Seminars on Montessori related topics ,attending and working projects and attending Montessori exhibitions,School visits are arranged.In other words,you are given ample opportunity to get in touch with Montessorri experts and meet School Administrators/Principals preparing for the Jobs when you graduated.

h)If you are advance students than think you are made to prepare Montessori Scholar and involve you in doing research on Montessori Subject.It is must that you are made a real Montessori Directress who can work any where in the world.We say with confidence that our Trained Advance Montessori Grdauate is not less than in knowledge ,capability

and potential than any gradaute in the world.Proof of this verdict is that we have developed a team

of LMI advance graduates who have been trained further to become master trainers.Again thier capability is not less than any graduate from the Institutes of London or America.

i)Also you will be pleased to note that Credit Hours for Normal Course is around 1000 Hrs.and for Advance course it is about 1400 Hrs- not less than in any foreign college and University.

iii)If I am not graduate but my medium remained English through out Schooling/College, can I do Advance International Course?

The right path for you is to join 14-months Normal International Diploma Course and get more than 75% marks in the final examination. After that you can join advance Diploma Course and do the Advance part of this course i.e. study books/literature, give monthly tests, attend Advance Conferences monthly at Avari/ PC or Sheraton, do the project work and sit in final examination after 14-months. It means you have to study 28 month (14 months Normal part and , 14 months Advance part).

iv)What can be the salaries after doing these courses?

Salaries depend upon the achievements of grades in the final examination. Good grade, good job. Minimum Salaries which our graduates draw is about 8000/= the maximum limit is above 20000/=.even more than that. Grad-uates gone abroad are getting good jobs in USA, Canada, England, Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK,Japan,Malaysia,
Bangkok,Singapore etc.The LMI graduates appointed ,trained and absorbed as Master Trainers are getting more than 20,000.

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v) Is the teaching Practice & Observation (TP&O) for 12 weeks, necessary for both the courses?what if any body don’t do teaching practice & observation?

Teaching Practice & Observation (TP&O) is the essential part of both the courses.If you have spent many years in Montessori school teaching 2-1/2 -6 years kids, even than you are required to spend 12 weeks working under trained Directress in Montessori environment after completion of practicals & theory class- es in school. But, if for one or the other reasons, you don’t want to do TP&O than after passing final examination, you will get Red Sealed Diploma and not Gold Sealed.

vi) Is the workshop, Seminars neccessary for
Internaional Diploma Course ?

Atleast one Workshop & one Seminar is compulsory for Normal International Diploma Course. However, we suggest not to miss workshop which is in fact crash course.All Seminars & Worhop are essential for Advance students..Monthly Advance Conference is essential for Advance Course Students .Optional for Normal Course Students but advisable to do as they will get Certificate of attendance.

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