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Chief Executive's Birthday on 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
Special Award for the Chief Executive's on Convocation Day - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
Speakers/Master Trainers on One Day Seminar - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar Participants - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar Participants - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
LMI Staff on One Day Seminar on 20th AT PC - Karachi
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC - Karachi.
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15 Days Workshop - 2001 at Holiday Inn Islamabad
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Workshop - 2001 at PC - Karachi
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London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC - Karachi

Board of Directors:


-a College Of Montessori Studies & Research

One of the Largest in Asia


knows the
A R T & S C I E N C E of T R A I N I N G


Dr. Montessori never thought that she will become one of the leading educationist of the world. Her original profession was Medicine, but her work throughout her life was to educate, develop theories regarding child development. This twist came into her life due to the will of God, as God wanted high task of educating child- ren to become successful man and generation to come.

Mr. Mohammad A. Shamim Founder of London Montessori International(LMI) is basically foreign qualified professional engineer and expert of Glass Plant Management and Manufacturing. Served Glass Industry for almost 18 years and achieved remarkable recognition. He has done many Management& Technical Courses, Computer Studies and attended many International Seminars &Congresses.After serving industry, he started his own industrial consultancy and later on he was appointed Industrial Research Consultant by PCSIR.

Mr. Shamim is very ambitious man. His passion always remain to do things in very best way. A twist came into his life and became the follower of Dr. Maria Montessori.He is very much inspired by the work, philosophy, system and fame of Dr. Maria Montessori. He thinks that Montessori theories, philosophy and system must be adopted to sort out world’s problems. He wish to see Montessori Trained Teachers and mothers every where. Towards his goal, his untiring efforts have made his institutes a real success. His life long professional manage-ment skill has helped a lot in managing 12 Campusess, controlling activities, setting examination system, developing and maintaining good rapport with Montessori/Nursery Schools, follow up of progress of LMI graduates. His research activities which he started in Advance International Diploma Course in 1996 is a real advancement in Montessori Education. Further more his system of imparting Montessori philosophy has in real sense created the maximum interaction of Trainees with Montessori experts by:

a)Classroom interaction ( around 11-Months)

b)Monthly Symposium ( 14-Monthly symposiums in 14-Months) in Class rooms in all Campuses.

c)One Day Seminars ( 13-Topics-3-Seminars in Karachi–2-Seminars in Lahore and 2- Seminars in Rawalpindi) in 5-Star Hotels.

d) Advance Monthly Montessori Conferences(14- Conferences in 14- Months) in 5-Star Hotel.

e)Exhibitions (3 in 5-Star Hotel annually) Grand Open Days (One in 5-Star Hotel & 2- in all Branches)

f)School surveys by students, 3 times in a year

His progressive attitude is the basis of his success. His dedicated efforts towards spreading Maria Montessori’s philosophy and system is commendable.

The Making of LMI?

A Masterpiece? created by a Mastermind?!

A glimpse into the personal & professional life of LMI?s Founder ? What makes him so

different? so unique? and so extra-ordinary??

Determination, inspiration and faith is all that one needs to do wonders?! Intellect and talent is undoubtedly God- gifted but a person who realizes his innate potentials not only earns high esteem but also emerge as a source of pride for his family & society? Mohammad A.Shamim (The Founder of London Montessori International) is one such high caliber dedicated person? who possesses innumerable qualities of an ideal human- being! A person who is deeply touched by the sensitivities of life ! His life long aim, purpose and mission is to seek and secure the stability, feeling and emotion of the less- privileged gender; that is ?WOMEN? of our society and world at large. Women? the life of all women in one way or the other encounters injustice? it could be:

Emotional Social, Spiritual, Financial, Mental & Physical

Women? even today are enslaved and captivated and ruled by the so called stronger gender ?The Man? Interesting isn?t it??Mr.Shamimhimself being a man? thinks this way! Page 1-8 To make a women strong? strong emotionally, socially, strong spiritually, strong financially? well, this is no ordinary job. God has chosen for him a unique kind of job, something a common person can not achieve? Reflecting and recalling his past life, focusing on his future life?everything seems to make sense? all the direct & indirect preparation and planning done especially by God And that?s why for Mr.Shamim. The Teacher?s Training of LMI goes beyond the Training of Teacher?It first trains a woman how to be a better

?Human being?

Which results in a better daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grand-mother ect ect? The dramatic and drastic difference in the life of Ladies after completing LMI?s Teachers Training is something that inspire
Mr.Shamim highly it becomes a source of internal satisfaction. For him the result is a spiritual raise in his motivation to goon? and Inshallah someday, some how make LMI?s Montessori Teacher?s Training (Montessori Awareness) The Basic Right of all Women! ? not only women, Mr.Shamim firmly believes that all Human being (men + women) must:

Know, understand, believe and practice ?Montessori?

Cause if we can understand The Child (0-6) only then we could understand ?mankind?

All life?s answer lay hidden in the ?child?

Page 2-8

Mohammad A.Shamim? the person?

Anyone who have had the chance or opportunity to come in contact with Mr.Shamim? be it one on one dialogue / conversation/ interviewing a candidate for job/ or addressing hundreds of people at Seminar/ Workshop/ Graduation Ceremony? if you listen to him carefully ( When Mr.Shamim speaks? everyone else becomes speechless they simply listens!) Within the short span of 30 min it is impossible for him to go on speaking; without pausing? pausing? pausing for what?
As he speaks at one point or another he firmly; yet humbly joins his both hands together, pointing them upwards and then with invisible tears of gratitude he looks up at Heaven above? saying ?Bada Ehsaan hai Pak Parwardigar ka?? As he completes his thought? the irresistible tears gently trickles down? silently saying? Thank You Thank You, Allah? for Blessing me with so much in life?? Usually when we are blessed with so much in life, we don?t always ?Thank? the bestower? but this spiritual quality in Mr.Shamim immediately strikes a person, weather you are meeting him for the first time, or you may have met him hundred of time before? he always seems to reflect the same personality? i.e a person who is rich and strong in character yet possesses a heart & soul as soft & sensitive as a wax which melts with slightest ?warmth? of human feeling.

Page 3-8

The Role of ?Women? in Mr.Shamim?s life?

A better statement would be

?The Role of Mr.Shamim in ?Women?s life??

As all human being the first woman in his life was his mother? a source of ?Love? in many ways Mr.Shamim is a reflection of her personality in so many positive ways? His sisters? a unique bond of Love & respect which he shares with his 2 loving & caring sisters. And today? The Most Important ?SHES? IN HIS LIFE?

Mr.Shamim?slife is inter-twined in the everlasting web- of-Love that stretches to 3 generations The 3 most important people in his life? 1st a woman 2nd a young lady and 3rd a little angel? ?His wife, his daughter and his grand-daughter who are for him; his strength & weakness for him they are Allah?s most priceless and precious gift and blessings?! As for the other ?women? well that is the entire ?LMI TEAM? ? Staff & Students? the past, the present and the future! Over 2 decades LMI has trained more than 70,000 women, trained by hundred of women (The Master Trainer) Just imagine from ?dawn to dust? Mr.Shamim is mostly surrounded by women ? personally at home, professionally at work? What any man would have done if he was in Mr.Shamim?s place?? Usually the natural instinct in a man would be he would be he would get all ?head over heals? even if he (a typical man) came in contact with just a few ladies?

Page 4-8

And this is why God made sure that Mr.Shamim is not a ?typical man? He possesses and is gifted with a unique vision when it comes to looking at a women? at first sight it is certainly not the physical beauty that appeals and attracts him ( Rightly so? otherwise LMI could not have survived over the years? Mr.Shamim?sdealing and attitude with the ?An all Female? organization i.e staff & students? he is gifted to see, beyond what an ordinary eyes can see, his keen eye observation can instantly detect the ?Potential? of candidates as students, potential of young honest inexperienced ladies who apply for the post ?Branch Co-ordinator? Mr.Shamim is able to select the right candidates as co-ordinators who could be molded into


So it is the ?Intellectual & spiritual? ?Beauty? in a woman what appeals to Mr.Shamim?

?Mind & Soul?.

Professionally he is able to select the very best? who have the potential to be the very best? Trained Directress from AMI/LMI who are refined & trained as Master Trainers and Montessori Experts under the umbrella of LMI as one of LMI?s most Senior Instructress often says ?We enter LMI as ?Rocks? and Sir Shamim polishes us into ?Khundan? yes, anyone who have had the good luck, chance and opportunity to be attached with LMI are glowing and glittering like ?DIAMOND?here, there, everywhere?! as Montessori experts. Amazing strategy adopted by Mr.Shamim?it does wonders for both LMI & LMAINS

Page 5-8

?together we grow & glow?

Mr.Shamim& the less unfortunate women?

Only God &Mr.Shamim knows how many true deserving ladies (separated/ divorced/ widow/ orphan) have done and are doing and will continue to do ?Free ship? course at LMI? Not taking ?fee? from a student who can not afford at all, will not make any obvious difference on ?LMI? but what about that lady who honestly couldn?t afford the course, we can?t imagine even 1% of what this opportunity means for that lady -The 14 months Montessori Diploma in her hand would have changed not only her life?but?think? focus? imagine? visualize?even after her death, the ever lasting impact of her training, her contribution to society & world would remain permanently engraved and incarnated in the lives of many she leaves behind! Lucky are the people? who give something to this world instead of taking? Mr.Shamim? you sure are a lucky person? but we the LMIANS are luckier to be a part of The LMI FAMILY One thing we can say for sure, God selected the right person infact God created a ?special? person to steer the wheels of LMI Mr.Shamimafter 22 years of distinguished services during which he achieved emphatic recognition? to day he continues to develop it even further to reach out to the new generations. Over 2 decades he has played the key role in building the foundation of LMI and even today he continues to do so.

Page 6-8

Rich in knowledge, character, belief and personality; well known and well- regarded as an individual and professional and likeable personality, he is an excellent ambassador for Montessori System, who works tirelessly to promote MONTESSORI? And building Montessori link & Images? To summarize who and what Mr.Shamim is? An organization success depends on the potential he posses, the aspiration he has Mohammad A.Shamim is a proud Pakistani and deems it his responsibility to play his role for the welfare of society.

His sole purpose is to better woman?s life? in return a better society.

To prepare better and cilivilized citizen of a society, it is highly imperative to emphasis on?.

The Education and skill and development of it?s young mind? education is the only ladder towards lasting success it bestows them and motivates to have an optimistic approach and to move forward in life with dignity.

So with this charitable heart Mr.Shamim(LMI) is able to change the lives of thousands and thousands of women for The Better andthey in return change the life of thousands and thousands more? and the chain continues? people may come and people may go? but what they take back from LMI remains with them for life! The fragrance of their handwork, devotion, dedication and sincerity towards LMI adds sometimes, paragraph, sometimes chapters in the Book called

Page 7-8

?The Making of LMI?

Whose author creator, builder will always remain?Mohammad A.Shamim Because God created him with exceptional abilities? you can?t be an ordinary person? Ordinary people are not like you!

22 years of life long Montessori Journey by LMI?.

15th February 2011.

With Respect, Admiration & Blessings?

Anjum Akhtar

Deputy Administrator

Dated: 14-2-2011





This is the story of a founder and educator whose revolutionary approach of Teachers Training changed the course ‘modem education. Fifteen years ago. Mr. Mohammad A. Shamim had great hope that ours would be a society here the Montessori Method of education is known to all. And now as we celebrate 25 years of successful progress, achievement and accomplishment of this institute – LMI., let us go back in time: down the Memory Lane and reflect upon how it all started…

Mr. Shamim who is the founder/ President/ Administrator and Chief Executive of LMI, gives an insight into the ups and downs he faced; and today after many years of struggle and hard work, it will not be wrong to say that LMI is the “Largest Montessori Teachers Training College” not only in Pakistan; but there is none through it the world to match it’s unique “Teachers Training Program”. Before we go any further, let us get a brief introduction of Mr. Shamim. his personal and professional life: rowing up in the Cosmopolitan city of Karachi; even as a young lad, he had very high hopes, dreams and visions he wan-ted to go abroad to further his studies.

By the grace of Allah, he had the opportunity to study in England and U.S.A. Mr. Shamim is foreign qual-fied professional Engineer and Expert of Glass Plant Management and Manufacturing. He served Glass Industry for most 18 years and gained remarkable recognition. He has done many Management and Tech-nical courses, computer Studies, attended and participated in many International Seminars. Conferences and Congresses. After serving Glass Industry and traveling extensively to different parts of the world, he ret-urned to his homeland, started his own Industrial Consultancy and later on he was appointed INDUSTRIAL-RESEARCH CONSULTANT by PCSIR. That time Mr. Shamim was at the peak of his successful career and a well settled life, with a lovely and understanding wife and a charming daughter – any man would be content with life but Mr. Shamim was not just any man,with a burning desire and passion to do something constructive for society, an inner urge, inspiration and ambition guiding him to do it in the very best way. And so it happened in February 1990, for no obvious reason; one fine day he decided to open a “Montessori School” giving up an outstanding career and all possible comforts of life! All family members thought it was an irrational decision but nature knew that this turning point in his life will turn out to be a Blessing in Disguise. Only a few months had passed by after opening “The London Public School”, Mr. Shamim with no professional qualification into the field of education; he started discovering a very intr-igue problem – In this huge city of Karachi there were unlimited number of Montessori schools and each school filled beyond capacity with children but there were no trained teachers! And this was the starting point of LONDON SCHOOL OF MONTESSORI TEACHERS TRAINING(LSMTT Which is now LONDON MONTESSORI INTERNATIONAL? opening the school, but facing a shortage and scarcity of Montessori trained Teachers. A man with a vision, will-power and determination to find a solution for this problem -Montessori Teachers…………..? Where to find them………….?” started on a venture to open an institute to “Train Montessori Teachers”against all odds. We cannot go into the details of the difficulties he encountered from other leading Montessori Teachers Training Organ-ization.Day by day by the blessing of God, single handedly, backed up by a team of supportive staff (Teach-ing and Administrative) many of them are still with the institute from the beginning. At the turn of 23 years we can proudly say. organization has surpassed all limits and has obtained International recognition,with 9 branches in Karachi, one in Pindi, one in Lahore and done excellent Workshops in Sharjah and Dubai.for 5 consecutive years ?every year.

With great confidence and inspiration from Dr. Montessori?s work and philosophy,Mr. Shamim had Planned to open Montessori Teachers Training Centers in Faisalabad, Islambad by the end of 2013., and .next year in Gujranwala, Sialkot,Hyderabad and Quetta.Work is underway to open Center in Malaysia,Singapore, UAE ,Thailand, Sri-Lanka,

After successfully training teachers for many years Mr. Shamim discovered yet another problem…. that was there were schools, there were students and there were Montessori Trained Teachers…but no Montessori-
Material, well at least not enough… No material, no prepared environment! Yet another challenge, another vision, another dream, to be able to find a solution for this problem. Just within the short span of 2 years (Feb 1992) L.S.M.T.T(now LMI) had started providing professionally made Montessori Material through out Pakistan and abroad. launched a showroom in SHARJAH, UAE.

The key to Mr. Shamim’s success is his strong faith in God, kind, humble and charitable heart;always helping the needy;his ability to make quick decision and not being afraid to take risks in life.His life long mission is to promote and spread the Montessori System of Education not only in Pakistan but to all parts of the world. With God on his side, constant support from his one and only daughter and wife and a team of hard- working and devoted staff, his dream has now become a reality.


With help from Allah Mr. Shamim has made major contribution not only to society but to serving Humanity. His name will down in History, as a person who has contributed something positive in the progress of civilization. The mission of LMI is one of the links in the unfolding chain of Dr. Montessori’s thought, and the movement to which the Montessori system of education belongs,:


Today, while the world is in conflict and plans are afoot for its future reconstruction, education is widely regarded as one of the best means for bringing this about.If help and salvation are to come, they can only
come from the children,for the children are the makers of men. The child is endowed with unknown powers, which can guide us to the radiant future. If what we really want is a new world,then education must TAKE as its aim, the development of these hidden possibilities. Thank You LMI and thank u Mr.Shamim for providing us with key to Discover “THE CHILD”.

Written by :Mrs. Anjum Akhtar

Deputy Administrator



Mrs. Tanzeem F. Shamim is a graduate with couple of certificates in Arts,Crafts,Paintings & beautician.She is a lady of great patience, very hardworking, highly cooperative in nature, having beauty with grace.She was the partner from very first day of starting work for LMI.She had seen the difficult days, fully participated to over come and help bringing LMI on track.Her day to-day assistance to the Chief Executive not only helped him to overcome problems/hitches but helped him in bringing up his moral and confidence.She participated in all the Seminars,Workshops,Symposiums,Open-days, Exhibitions, Conferences and all other events arranged so far.Had she not been there,the LMI would not have been progressed like that. Her understanding of Montessori philosophy & system definitely made her Montessorian which confirms when she handles kid.LMI is proud to have excellent companion of the founder of LMI. She has become the source of inspiration for young ladies.



Ms. Aneela Shamim is a Professional Corporate lawyer,did her:

– O/A Levels from St. Michael,Karachi in 2002

-LLB from Cardiff University,England in 2005.

-LLM in International Business Law from Hull University,England in 2006.

A lady of excellent educational back-ground stepped into the arena of Dr. Maria Montessori but keeping intact with her professional field.She is heading the law department of a big National company.

She has following Professional membership:

-Sindh Bar Council

-Karachi Bar Association