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London Montessori International
Chief Executive's Birthday on 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
Special Award for the Chief Executive's on Convocation Day - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
Speakers/Master Trainers on One Day Seminar - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar Participants - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar Participants - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
LMI Staff on One Day Seminar on 20th AT PC - Karachi
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC - Karachi.
London Montessori International
15 Days Workshop - 2001 at Holiday Inn Islamabad
London Montessori International
Workshop - 2001 at PC - Karachi
London Montessori International
Days Workshop - 2002 at Avari Tower Karachi
London Montessori International
Workshop 2003 at PC - Karachi
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London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC - Karachi

LMI & ITS Mission :


-College Of Montessori Studies & Research-

One of the Largest in Asia


knows the
A R T & S C I E N C E of T R A I N I N G

-An Introduction-

LONDON MONTESSORI INTERNATIONAL (LMI) is an institute dedicated to spread the teachings of Dr. Maria-Montessori
from one part of the country to another and also to other parts of the world. It was established in Feb., 1990 and till to
date opened 12 Branches. Till Aug. 2010 we had been producing 1000 Directresses/Teachers every year whereas
this year we shall be awarding diplomas to more than 1300 Graduates in Aug. 2011, including Work-shops, International,
Advance International Courses.

Our commendable progress during the last 22-years resulted in:

a)Establishing contacts with more than 10,000 Montessori?s/Schools.

b)Helped in establishing more than 250-Montessori Houses.

c)Training of School Administrators/Principals of more than 750 Schools through workshops and regular courses.

d)Training more than 60,000 Montessori Directresses/teachers and helped those getting jobs. These Directresses

are working more or less in all schools in Town, other parts of the country and abroad in Canada, USA, England,
UAE, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.


a)To train ladies Inter/BA to adopt teaching profession, become Montessori Directresses, earn better salaries and
improve their living standard.

b)To train Housewives to bring-up their children methodically, systematically and to develop their inner capabilities
and potentials, with great confidence. After all she is the first teacher of her child.

c)To give better understanding of Child-psychology, teacher?s psychology, Montessori environment, Montessori
philosophy to the School Administrators, Principals and Head-Mistresses.

d)To induce in untrained Montessori Teachers (already on job in Montessori Houses/Schools) the essential techni-
ques of Montessori system, philosophy and practical aims and objectives Necessary to handle Kids in classroom,
and secondly to enhance their earnings substantially.However our main aim is to see our Montessori trained Teac-
hers in every Montessori Houses/Schools, no matter where it is situated.


A)14-Months Montessori/Nursery(Foundation) Teachers Training International Diploma Course:

a) Normal International Diploma Course:

This course consists of substantial Theory & Practicals along-with 12-weeks Teaching-Practice & Observation in any established Montessori/Schools.


Montessori Philosophy, Child development, normality & deviation, Child?s Psychology, Physiology, Care, health & nutrition.
Complete knowledge about all five subjects i.e. EPL, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture and their practical pres-
entations with aims and objectives covered in Class room study,Workshops,Seminars,One-Day Seminars on different
topics,exhibitions,Montessori’s School Surveys etc.

Minimum qualification:

Intermediate/passed 12-years Schooling with enough knowledge of English to coup with the contents of the Course.
Details of the course syllabus and structure and Credit Hours incvolved in the course are mentioned on COURSE heading.

After doing this course, the graduates are good enough to work in lower & medium class Montessori/Nursery Houses
/Schools. Jobs are according to the GRADES achieved in the final examinations. Jobs are guaranteed. In most of the
cases, the Internees are offered jobs when they are doing Teaching Practice & Observation. Remainees are sent to
the Montessori/Schools who asked for the requirement of Montessori Directresses.

b)Advance international diploma Course

This course was started in January, 1997, after 7-years of rigorous research & background studies. The standard
of this course is kept substantially high. Ladies of very good educational background are given admissions. Minimum
qualification requirement is Graduate/A-level. English aptitude test is the pre-requisite to take up the admission.


Montessori philosophy ;Child’s psychology,development & growth; Child’s care, health & Nutrition;Study of senses and
movement; literature-Survey regarding early theories, development, pros & Cons and Montessori’s research out-come;
Method of Montessori and its phases of growth; Complete Study, practice, aims & objectives of Exercises of Practical-
life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural subjects and thorough understanding of Montessori Materials thier Presentations/Excercises;Observations of the Children and Teaching practice for 12 weeks in Montessori environment
under trained Directress; Project Thesis report on any one selected topic; Development of communication skills and
administrative capabilities & attendance in 15-Days Montessori Workshop. One-Day Seminars on different topics orga-
nized by LMI. Structure of the course is comprised of:

i)Classroom Study (Duration 11-months)

-Complete knowledge of all the theoretical aspects of subjects EPL, Sensorial, Language, Math?s & Culture.

-Complete knowledge of practical aspects of all 5-subjects.

-Theories and essays discussion.

-Preparation of 5 files/Journals.

Regular tests are conducted at the end of each subject file, the marks of which are included in the final exam.
-As far as the practice for exercises/presentations are concern, one full week is given after completion of each
subject (5 weeks for 5 subjects). This practice is done under the guidance of .the Master Trainer.
After the completion of 11-months Classroom study, students are sent to Montessori. Homes/Schools for 3-Months
(12-weeks) for Teaching Practice & Observation. An assessment report is submitted by the School to LMI at the
end of the period.

ii)Home Study (Duration 14-months)

All lectures are conducted at PC/Sheraton or Avari Towers, by highly qualified & experienced Montessori experts,

Anthropologists, Physiologists, Physicians and Psychologists are being planned to invite in Lectures.

The syllabus includes:

1)Montessori Philosophy, Science and complete background studies how Dr. Montessori arrived to the stage

where the Montessori system is now. The Literature is provided accordingly.

2)Important Montessori books are included in the syllabus.

3)Research based Project thesis on a topic prescribed by LMI. This is a research project to be completed before the

completion of the course. Regular Lectures/tests are conducted every month at Sheraton since 1996. The recipients
of this Advance International Diploma are good enough to work in any first class Montessori/Nursery School here or
any where in the world. Credit hours detail on separate cover.

B)15-DAYS Montessori/Nursery (Foundation)Teachers Training Workshop.

Meant especially for our students Very popular, well acclaimed & very valuable work-shop is conducted since 1995 every year during the month of July in Karachi in 5-Star Hotels. From 2000 onwards, workshops are being conducted in Lahore (August, Pindi / Islamabad (June) as well. More or less 20 Montessori experts conduct these workshops in Karachi. More or less all decent Montessori School/Houses attended these workshops. Many housewives attended the workshops to know and understand Montessori system and philosophy in order to bring-up their children in a better way. Many young Inter/BA ladies attended these workshops to get feel about Montessori system in order to adopt Montessori profession by doing complete diploma courses thereafter. Last but not the least many School Administrators/Principals (Men & women both) very happily attended these workshops, learned the techniques of Montessori system and bettered their existed method in their Schools/ Montessori?s. The reasons for the popularit
of this workshop is its high standard of dissemination of information regarding Montessori system, Material, Science & Philosophy; very meticulously and careful presentation of practical exercises; the diversified section of participants discussion, question answer session and very intelligently engineered answers from the Course Instructresses, make this workshop real challenge for the participants. Certificate is awarded at the end of the workshop.

C)One (Full) Day Seminar (Meant especially for our Students)

These Seminars on different topics such as:

1-Child, Parent relationship

2-Child, Parent, Teacher relationship

3-How to resolve conflicts among among child/Parents & grand Parents.

4-Effective Classroom Management.

5-Home & Office-How to balance between your Personal and Professional life.

6-Difficulties faced by Montessori Mothers

7-The Art of being a successful Directress.

8-Day-Care….are your Child in the right hand?

9-Women & Islam

10-Motherhood-Nature’s gift & blessing.

11-Why divorce rate is rapidly increasing

12-Advantages & disadvantages of joint-family system in our Society.

13-Single-Parenting——-difficult but not impossible.

High level of these discussions in the light of Montessori philosophy & system evolve students especially and Parent, teacher, administrator/Principal, generally to understand the clear message of Dr. Maria Montessori. Many Montessori experts conduct these Seminars.

D) One (Full) Day Advance Conference (Meant especially for Advance course students)

These Seminars are conducted monthly in 5 Star Hotels (Sheraton in Karachi) since 1996, on every last Saturday of the month. Its purpose is basically to discus Montessori philosophy in cool and pleasant atmosphere of 5-star Hotel. all the books of Dr. Maria Montessori are discussed in detail. Many International course students & Outsiders also attend them. Very informative & well calculated Montessori environment is being set-up. Well known sort of these Seminars are.

E) Monthly Symposiums

Conducted in Classrooms (in all 11-Branches) to discus theoretical essays especially theories involved in 5 Subjects in particular. In 14 months, students in one branch come in contact with 14 Montessori experts. Isn?t this the valuable aspect of disclamation of information and experiences.

F)Montessori Master Trainer(5-Years) Course & Scholarship.

We are very much indebted to AMI and London Montessori Centre England, whose trained Directresses with several years experience worked with us to train Directresses/Teachers during the last 21-years. With their dedicated efforts, zeal & ambition, we been able to produce more than 50,000 Directresses who are working in most of the Montessori School/Houses in Karachi, Lahore, Pindi/Islamabad, and many of them are working in USA, Canada, England, Saudi Arabia, UAE. We are still having many AMI trained Directresses as an Instructresses having not less than 40-years experience. Some of them are even having more than 50 years experience. These experts full of knowledge and wealth of experience merged into our system & methodology of imparting knowledge to grown-up ladies. This is perfectly in line with the mission of Dr. Maria Montessori. Hence LMI not only produced more than 50,000 Directresses but also produced many Instructresses, mostly working still with us.

Since our activities of spreading the teachings of Maria Montessori is continuously expanding and our program for the year 2010/2011 is to open Branches in Guranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Peshawar, Sukkhar, Dubai, and Singapore, we take this opportunity to invite our old (leftees) Instructresses to rejoin us and serve the mission of Montessori in a better way. Very bright future assured. In addition to above, we are taking benefit from our 21-years of experience and from exhaustive studies regarding Montessori philosophy, already training our own graduates to become Instructresses for our immediate future need.

Till today we have trained more than 15 LMI graduates of outstanding education record.

This year, 2012, we have decided to give 8 Scholarships to our outstanding students

i)Who did International Diploma achieving more than 85% marks?

ii)Who did Advance International Diploma with A-Z grade?

This vigorous training program is of 5-years, as follows:

a)Series of lectures by Psychologists, Anthropologists, Physicians, Physiologists Montessori experts, conducting at PC/Sheraton or Avari.

b)Full time working in any established Montessori?s.

c)Research project work through out the year.

d)On-the job training (at least 2 hours daily) by being attached with senior Instructresses in any of our branches. In agreement with the above conditions, Scholarships of amount 4000/month had been given to each successful candidates along with books, literature etc.

The contents of the course is derived form Montessori writings, her understanding of what characteristics are essential for Montessori Instructresses and what essential steps are taken by Dr. Montessori while training Instructresses. Trainees will be provided lectures, Books, literature by LMI. Seminars, workshops will be conducted and ample opportunity will be given to deliver lectures. They will get enough time to do practice with Montessori material while working under senior instructresses. All the means will be applied to inculcate effective communication skills. At the end, trainers will be awarded with Certificates by the Board of Examination of LMI. Detail of Diploma credit hours on separate cover.

G)Correspondence course for Pakistani?s living abroad.

During the last 21-years, we received several requests to start correspondence course in Montessori education.

By the grace of God, we are now in a position to offer (very shortly) the correspondence course. We are in a

process of appointing Tutors (our own graduates living in Canada, USA, England, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah, Rasulkhaim).

All other necessary arrangements are underway. The Correspondence Course will be exactly in line with our regular

International & Advance International Courses.

3.Assessment, Follow-up & Final Results:

This is the area in which we are very vigilant. Monthly tests (Advance International course) and regular tests (International
Diploma Course) are promptly taken. The Administrative Staff is particularly trained for it. Test
papers and Final examination papers are set by the Administrator with the help of Computers. The procedures
for checking papers are made very simple and flawless. Practical examinations and final examination papers
are checked by External examiners who are qualified & well experienced Montessori. Proper orientation is
given before awarding the checking of papers and practical examinations. Whole of this procedure is indep-
endent of teaching Staff (Instructresses). All this is done to make results unbiased and true in its nature.