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London Montessori International
Chief Executive's Birthday on 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
Special Award for the Chief Executive's on Convocation Day - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
Speakers/Master Trainers on One Day Seminar - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar Participants - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar Participants - 11th Nov-12 AT PC Karachi.
London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
LMI Staff on One Day Seminar on 20th AT PC - Karachi
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC - Karachi.
London Montessori International
15 Days Workshop - 2001 at Holiday Inn Islamabad
London Montessori International
Workshop - 2001 at PC - Karachi
London Montessori International
Days Workshop - 2002 at Avari Tower Karachi
London Montessori International
Workshop 2003 at PC - Karachi
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London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
22nd Anniversary Celebration on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC- - Karachi
London Montessori International
One Day Seminar on 20th Feb 2011 AT PC - Karachi

Montessori Trainers:


-a College Of Montessori Studies & Research

One of the Largest in Asia


knows the
A R T & S C I E N C E of T R A I N I N G

Our aim & the mission is to prosper the Montessori philosophy and spread the teachings to the masses.


Being associated with a renowned and highly professional Organization like LMI,gives you diverselearning experience with exceptional opportunities to grow. For anyone who joins LMI,teaching is their journey but not destination…for them after joining there is no turning back …a Master Trainer today and still more to explore…..
In LMI you develop the requisite skills to succeed in an interactive and team oriented environment You learn to articulate your thoughts and get a proper balanced and different approach towards decision making and handling different situation…Every one attached with LMI’ as a Master Trainer or Trainee Trainer is quite passionate about thier workl….LMI’s plateform enhance their vision and understanding of the Montessori Method as a Trainer ,it refines their communication skills. Training students gives them an opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of people … becomes an all rounder! Each trainer has an opportunity to prove her abilities and justify her performance and work and make her place in LMI, where healthy competitionis neck to neck from branch to branch! The Master Trainer in LMI trains not only from her knowledge,experience personality,style,attitude, behavior & mannerism….but every word, every action of the teacher emerges into the student’s personalities….

Academic Faculty

1-Deputy Administrator & Deputy Head of Research Project-Deputy Head of Board OF Examination

Mrs. Anjum Akhtar

Although her first love has been and still into work with Children….which she started in foreign country in 1979 after doing her A-Levels.She came to Pakistan,did her Montessori Diploma -AMI’S
graduate-1992-and served a Montessori School for 13-years as a Principal.But God had better planning for her.She joined LMI in 2001 as a Master Trainer. Recognizing her talent and experience in Administration she was given the task of the Deputy
Administrator in 2003.Since than she had proved to be the best Administrator as well as the best Manager.Her understanding of Dr. Montessori and her system helped the C.E.O Mr. Shamim to carry on the mission of spreading the Montessori system.She is an asset to LMI and Dr.Montessori & her system.

2-Principal of the College & Head of Master-Trainers & Sr. Member of the Board of Examintion.

Mrs.Younus Jehan(known as Mrs.Squadron Leader(Retired) Tahir majeed.

Mrs. Tahir Majeed is an -AMI’S graduate -1968-She has the honor to be the host of Madam Hellen Keller when she first visited Pakistan.It is LMI’s honour to have
Madam Majeed as part of Teaching Faculty and Principal of the College since 1999. What makes her unique & outstanding in her knowledge & personality is that she is a pure Montessorian as she did her first schooling from a pure Montessori School…Since then it’s a journey of life long commitment to the Montessori system…to the extent that if any one who meets her for the first time will be mistaken as if she is Dr. Maria Montessori standing in-front of her/him….she is replica of Dr.Maria Montessori in style,manner,attitude,personality and the way of talking.She got wealth of experience working in Montessories with Children.In 1987 she joined and established Teachers Training College-The Mujahida Training Centre. Keeping in view her experience of Teachers Training ,LMI appointed her the Master Trainer for Rawalpindi Branch in 1996.Later on she was given the portfolio of Principal of LMI.In addition to that Madam Majeed is the Head of Training of Trainee Instructresses.All Trainees are well inspired by her stamina and idolize her personality and wish to be like her in future.Madam Majeed is an asset to the LMI & for Montessori.

3-Sr. Master Trainer & Curriculum Supervisor also Sr. Member of the Board Of Examination.

Mrs. Razia Jamil

Mrs. Jamil is a postgraduate in English literature,qualified Montessorian from AMI- AMI-graduate-1976 and possess to her credit 22- years experience working in excellent Montessories/Schools.She joined LMI in 1994 and brushed her ability and potential by attending and organising Montessori Workshops,Seminars,Symposiums,
Advance Conferences and training Montessorians.She is very quite,kind hearted,dutiful lady.She has great command on Montessori system,good grip on Montessori philosophy,authentic approach towards practical exercises,made her the best Montessorian.Her interest and seriousness towards teaching/preparing Montessori Directresses is commendable.She is temporarily away on his on accord.

4-Sr. Master Trainer & Head Conferences,Symposiums,
Seminars,Workshops &.Publications,
Sr.Member of the Board of Examination.

Mrs. Nusrat Waqar

Mrs.Nusrat Waqar graduated in 1988,the turning point in her life came when she had the opportunity exposed to the field of education after having done Montessori Training-AMI’s graduat1992-.With each passing day she is growing as a Montessorian in knowledge & experience.The exposure she has received in joining LMI since 2002 has polished her basic potentials….with the passage of time Mrs. Nusraty Waqar has a complete command and mastery on the Montessori system.Her best assets are lecturing on Montessori topics,weather it is LMI’s Monthly symposiums,Monthly Advance Conferences,One-Day Seminars or 15-Days Montessori Workshops.Hence her talents made her the Head Of Conferences,Symposiums,Seminars,
Workshops and publications.

5-Sr. Master Trainer & Sr. Member of Board Of Examination.

Mrs. Tahira Shahid

There is no substitute for experience and this is so rightly reflected in Mrs.Shahid’s personality having more than 30-years of experience with the Montessori system.After graduation she did her Montessori Diploma from AMI- AMI’S graduate-1976.She worked for many years as a Directress in the Middle-East…..She was appointed as a Sr. Master Trainer in LMI during the year 2002.It proved to be the blessings for the LMI as her hardworking,interest,maturity in understanding the
Montessori system,a deep sense of responsibility resulted in excellent performance of students.However,she later on given the responsibility of co-training of trainee Instructreses.Mrs. Shahid become the role model not only for our students but for our Trainee Instructres Team-they all are highly inspired by her personality.

6- Sr. Master Trainer & Sr.Member of the Board of Examination.

Mrs. Mahar Javed

Mrs. Mehar Javed joined LMI in August,1999 as Testing Directress and soon she was given the responsibility to
be the Master Trainer.She did her Montessori Training from AMI- AMI’S graduate-1981-and years of experience in Montessori Schools as Directresess and Vice-Principal,Mrs. Mehar Javed very well groomed her personality and caliber and refined her self by becoming the Master Trainer in LMI.Soft spoken yet firm,her humble nature and understanding of Montessori system has made her an important part of LMI’s Master Trainers team. Keeping in view her potential and experience the Board of Directors have given her the additional responsibility of Examination and made her the member of the Board Of Examination.

7-Sr. Master Trainer & Head of Project Development & Sr. member of the Examination Board.

Mrs. Nazra Ambreen

Mrs. Nazra Ambreen is,in true sense a pure & original LMIAN…After graduation,she did her Montessor- Training from LMI-LMI’S graduate-1992….immediate after,she joined Montessori School of LMI.She had the opportunity to apply her Montessori knowledge with the children.Her passion had always been to search deeper into the Montessori system…..She was appointed as a Testing Directress in LMI in 1994 and got the opportunity to learn and visualize the method, material and to-be-directresses..In 1996 she was appointed Trainee- Instructress-life time opportunity and hence gone thru vigorous,intensive training-the style of LMI….working under Sr.Master Trainers, attending 12-Monthly Symposiums/year, attending 12-Monthly Advance Conferences,attending 5- 15-Days Workshop yearly. involved in Project development etc etc…means contineous involvement in Montessori work….the result is that she become the real Montessori Expert and the students verymuch inspired by her excellent lectures & the Projects.She got Master Trainers Diploma in 2001.So meet and see the LMI-Product to whom every body call LMI-BABY.

8- Sr. Master Trainer

Mrs.Nadia Salahuddin

9-Master Trainer:

Ms. Nadia Bint-e-Mukhtar

After having completed her graduation,Ms. Nadia B.Mukhtar did her Montessori Training- from LMI – LMI’S graduate-2007- Prior to it,she had an experience in Administration.Luckily she got the opportunity to work in LMI as Branch Coordinator.A life time opportunity came and she was appointed as Trainee Instructress -doing 5-years Master Trainer’s Course.Going into the LMI system of training,she had the opportunity to work under Sr. Master Trainer,attending/participating in 15-Days workshops(3- in a year),6-in a year one Day Seminars,attending 12-Symposiums in a year,attending and observing the Advance Conferences 12- in a year and working for Open-days,Exhibitions. luckily she had the opportunity to handle students in a Branches first under the Senior Master Trainers than independently-again the part of training.In this way,one can imagine the excessive exposures to the Montessori subject’s various fields.

10-Master Trainer

Ms. Batool Ishaque

Although new to our Teaching faculty,Ms.Batool Ishaque possesses all the right quality and capability to be a Master Trainer in LMI.After doing her training in AMI-AMI’S graduate-2004-she not only worked with Children in Montessori Schools,she also had the
opportunity to do workshops & Seminars, freelancer.She also had an opportunity to disseminate Montessori message thru media -TV/FM Radio. Keeping inview her exposure & experience she was appointed from April,2011.LMI is optimistic that while
remaining in LMI,she will be one of the excellent Master Trainer and an asset to the Montessori system.

11-Master Trainer

Ms. Amina Rafiq

Ms.Amina Rafiq is an energetic position holder from LMI-LMI’S graduate-2007. She joined LMI as a Trainee Instructress in June-2009.Since then her progress in different field of Master-training moving in upward direction-Keen observer,intelligent,very hard-working, highly- motivated, command in English,
beautiful speaker,eager to know and disseminate knowledge been her motto.Her exposure to the LMI style training-attending& participating every year in 15-Days Workshops,One Day Seminars,Sympossiums,One Day Monthly Advance Conferences,fully involved in Open-Days activities,Exhibitions and much much more has sharpened her talent.In 5-years time she will be one of the best Master Trainer.Wish u best Amina.

12-Mrs.Ittrat Fatima

13-Mrs.Saniya Khalid

After completing her graduation,Mrs.Saniya Khalid did her Advance Montessori Training from LMI-LMI’S graduate-2007.She always had a keen interest to persue her career in the field of Montessori Education.After training she joined a renowned Montessori School as a Montessori Directress.Later she showed an interest to join the field of Master Trainer and choosed LMI.She was given the responsibility to work as Testing Directress in 2008, which she did with great responsibility & interest.Her keen observation,involvement and maximum devotion ,she was chosen to be the Trainee Master Trainer.The progress which is shown by her reflects that she shall be a wonderful Master Trainer in 5- years time when she will complete her training- undergo vigorous involvement in different aspect of LMI style training which is one of the best in the world.

14- Trainee Master Trainer

Mrs. Amina Tehseen

Mrs. Amina Tehseen a Science graduate started her career in 1995 and worked in different Montessories till she realized that professional education could take her to the height of the Montessori education.She joined Montessori Course in LMI in 2009 and earned the best Award for the year 2010 by achieving 91.24% marks in the Normal course.She became the Best Student Of the Year-2010 in Pindi.Soon after that she joined LMI as Trainee Master Trainer for 5-years rigorous Instructress Training.During her course and after, she did many Seminars,
Workshops and symposiums.She was admitted in the advance Course which is the pre-requisite to be a Trainee Master Trainer, and she achieved 90.84% marks-an excellent achievement. Her progress seems steady and we hope she will complete her training with flying colors as she did her in previous courses.LMI has great expectation and hope for her. God bless her strength and wisdom to successfully handle LMI, Family and the Springfield where she is handling their Montessori Project.